Thursday, May 31, 2007

A little chat about God's existence

Brandon transferred to our Starbucks from out of state, and was a lot of fun to work with. At one point he was a shift supervisor, so he really knew his stuff. As we got to know each other, he discovered that I was a Christian, and we mentioned a number of times that we would like to sit down and talk about spiritual things sometime off the clock. By God’s ordination, I bumped into Brandon at Fiesta Mall. We chatted for a few minutes when I offered to sit down and have that discussion we had been putting off.

So we did.

It turns out that Brandon became an Atheist when he realized one could not prove God’s existence through the sciences. I then shared my testimony: being raised in a Christian family, becoming a Christian at a young age, and reforming much of my theology as I grew older. It was obvious that Brandon had never heard the gospel before, though he says he has many Christian friends (how sad). So we spent some time going over that.

One of the things I emphasized after my overview of the Christian message was that he has gone to such great lengths to suppress the truth of God’s existence, evening calling himself an Atheist. This is further evidence of his sinfulness and depravity.

Approaching this conversation using the Presuppositional Apologetic, I challenged him with the fact that his own worldview cannot explain human dignity, morality or even the sciences. I then pointed him to the Christian worldview, which of course, does consistently explain the world around us.

All in all, it was a successful conversation. Brandon is a wonderful guy, and I will continue to pray for him - that our Lord might be merciful toward him and grant to him saving faith.

Happy almost Friday,
The Rusted One

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Let the Good Times Roll" -- Mark Hammell, as the Joker

April and May for me are analogous to the 400 years of silence during most of the intertestamental period.


Lotsa stuff goin on. As of two weeks ago, I know longer work for the Starbucks Coffee Company. I know … I know! How tragic! It was a blessing to have worked for Bucks as long as I did. Being a Shift Supervisor was a lot of fun, in fact, it helped me realize that I really enjoy the business side of life. Above all, I hope that a single phrase, “For the Win” (ftw), endures at my store. Being just a customer is a beautiful thing; sitting back, sipping my coffee, meeting new folks, not worrying about being PC. Ama-zu-zing!

I have a second interview tomorrow with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. I’m fairly confident it will go well. But if you have a moment, pray for me.

Currently re-reading the Harry Potter series to properly prepare for OOTP in theaters, and TDH (book 7). You might also be interested to know that I am working diligently at making my own Quidditch pads; I’ve got the rest of the costume ready. Yes, I do plan on standing in line with my uber costume, putting the other wanna-be costumes to shame *innocent smile*.

This summer me and some buds are going on a four-day cruise to Mexico, followed up by Disneyland and Six Flags: Magic Mountain. Talk about spoiled. The fun meter is going to explode with funness.

Have I mentioned that I am planning a trip to Ireland? I’m shooting for this November, somewhere between 8-10 days. Why? Because I’m Irish and want to visit my Island. I’m successfully driving my roommate nutso from all the gaelic and folk music I’m listening to =).

I have a bunch of posts lined up … to make up for where I’ve been lacking. Have fun!