Wednesday, April 11, 2007

May Day is Coming

“Yes you can!” was the message of thousands of protesters who last year took to the streets in May to defend their “right” to illegally remain in the United States. It appears that the protesters are planning another day of national protests next month called “May Day.” Oh joy.

Illegal aliens have broken the law by wrongfully entering our space, which is why I chuckle at the demands that they and their liberal supporters spout off. They want to live in the USA – fine. But go about it legally.

“But receiving citizenship is difficult and can take years. I want in now!”

It is a difficult and lengthy process, and you know why? Because millions upon millions of people apply each year. If anyone wants American citizenship, for goodness sakes, do it lawfully.

This year’s protests will also be protesting the Federal raids which are capturing illegals and the employers who hire them. At least twice a week I catch a story of the authorities cracking down on illegal immigration, yay for us. The government is enforcing its laws.

I’m tempted to go out to the protests in Phoenix and hand out tracts. These people need to hear the gospel. Obviously, I’ll brush up on my Roman Catholicism apologetics, but I have a feeling many conversations will revolve around turning from sins – specific sins that define one’s life, such as illegally immigrating – to Christ.

“May Day” is coming folks. Don’t get caught in traffic. =)