Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World War III, or the next Cold War?

I was a little tyke during the Cold War, and by the looks of it I will have a chance to understand what it is like living during a second one. Russia’s aggression towards Georgia is unbelievably barbaric. First, a couple things: Russia invaded Georgia while claiming to support Georgian rebels seeking independence. My best bud, Scott, compared this little rebellion to the L.A. Riots not too long ago. Obviously it doesn’t fit perfectly, but I still think this is an excellent comparison! From the first moment of Russia’s unwarranted invasion of Georgian territory, Georgia has repeatedly refused to accept a Russian presence there. The Georgian President, an ally with the West, met with 9 presidential leaders from other nations who were formerly part of the Soviet Union. This meeting was quite unusual because it is difficult to acquire that many presidential figures in one meeting place. I’m sure they all know that unless a firm response from western nations is given Russia may not stop with Georgia.

Experts have pointed out that the kind of invasion performed by Russia’s military would have taken months to plan, which means that the Russian government was waiting for the right opportunity to invade and potentially reacquire Georgia.

What is Russia thinking? Some political analysts have speculated that Russia has no intention of reorganizing into the Soviet Union, but would like to expand the Russian empire.

Also, I’ve heard other speculations that Russia’s current president, Medvedev (try saying that 10 times fast), is only a figurehead and that Putin is the real power behind the curtain (no pun intended). If you know more on this, please let me know.

Just last week the United States finalized a deal to install a missile defense system in Poland. The Polish Prime Minister commented on the deal, “‘It is no good when assistance comes to dead people. Poland wants to be in alliances where assistance comes in the very first hours of – knock on wood – any possible conflict," Tusk said.” LOL! This is one of the single greatest statements I have ever heard.

What was Russia’s response to this deal? Moscow had this to say, “Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself to a strike – 100 percent.” So let me get this straight … if Poland doesn’t have a missile defense system they are open to attack. If Poland installs a missile defense system they are open to attack. What a lose-lose situation for Poland!

It has been a sad thing to turn on the news recently because I know that there will be some difficult things to read about. If Russia keeps up this behavior we will either enter into World War III, or the next Cold War.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Beachfun said...

We just missed World War 3 in the summer of 2008.

I didn't read or see a single news story about it.

I made a short video of the incident:


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