Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Tonight my dad, Scott and I saw “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” It far exceeded my expectations. From the trailer I posted in the previous entry I knew that Ben Stein would present an entertaining flick, and would at least document how modern academia seeks to suppress any discussion about alternatives to the modern Evolutionary Theory. But the film is so much more.

For the first thirty minutes or so the movie gives an accurate sense of the great lengths modern academia refuses to hear any mention of a theory that conflicts with the Evolutionary Theory. It is true that Stein does not try to defend the various forms of Creationism. Instead, he reveals his bias towards the Intelligent Design Theory which argues that the complexity of life receives its complexity from some form of intelligence. But the thrust of his movie was to bring the issues to the table so they might be discussed, analyzed and debated. I could not agree more with his motivations.

“Expelled” had a great impact on me because I survived the public school system. Anyone who has dared to ask questions that challenge the Evolutionary Theory know precisely what I mean. I have been shut down by teachers in high school, then professors in college. What is amazing to me is that Macro-Evolution is taught without addressing the glaring holes scattered throughout the theory.

Because I’m not a fan of giving away spoilers I won’t reveal too much more. But I will say that my favorite part of the film involves Richard Dawkins looking rather foolish within his own reasoning *grin*

I believe this to be an important movie because it has the potential to open up the door to many conversations about why so many reasonable and thinking people do not endorse the Evolutionary Theory. Why is it that two intelligent scientists examine the same evidence and come to different conclusions - one turns out to be an Evolutionist while another believes intelligence is behind life? The reason is because there is a fundamental difference in the worldviews between these two individuals. This is something else that “Expelled” covered, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! Presuppositions and worldviews are the key to this entire dialogue.

This movie isn’t perfect. But please see this movie. You have my recommendation.



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