Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where has Case of Base gone???


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. If you've been following my discussion with TJ, a Jehovah's Witness, you know that we're chugging right along. Aaaand, because this conversation has held tight reins on my attention, each response has felt like it's own blog entry =) ... hence the lack of new entries.

That and my discussion with TJ via email, as well as the other AOMin emails I've been working on, has kept me a busy guy.

Sadly, I have not heard from Devin, the Jehovah's Witness I met with at Bucks. I called him about a week ago to set up our next meeting, but have not received a return call. Keep praying that the Holy Spirit might grant Devin repentance unto life and embrace our Triune God.

Christmas and New Years were great. Spent a lot of time with family, my church family, and friends. Elder James preached an amazing sermon on Christmas morning that is a must listen to. Def in my top three fav sermons of all time.

Continuing on with my seemingly random topics in this entry ...

Phil Johnson has laid out his plan to discuss Sola Scriptura and a response to continuationism. Soon I would also like to write about the presuppositions the continuationist brings to the table in this discussion - and providing a more in-depth argument for Sola Scriptura. Stay tuned!

Today at 11am I'm meeting with the doctor to go over my test results. I'll let ya'll know what he says later =).

Finally, if you use AIM and wanna chat, IM my username: PizzaDaHu9. For the full story of this nick, read THIS.

That's all for now,
Case of Base


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