Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just the Basics

I was at my Bucks tonight reading (yes, actually reading) John Frame's No Other God - A Response to Open Theism when I a girl sat down in the chair next to me (doesn't this sound nice so far?). Anywho ... she asked what I was reading. I showed her and told her a little about it. We introduced ourselves to each other. Her name is Dawn. She recently left the Roman Catholic Church and is searching for a good Evangelical church. She seemed to have an understanding of the gospel, and I think she might be a Christian. In any case, I recommended The Roman Catholic Controversy by Elder James as a good intro to the differences between the bondage of Rome's false gospel and the gospel of Scripture. In describing the book I was able to go over some of the major differences between the two gospels.

Dawn's friend, Jenn, joined us a few minutes later. Jenn is a former Latter-day Saint who presently doesn't know what to believe. I recommended two books to her (both by James): Letters to a Mormon Elder and Is the Mormon My Brother? Thankfully, God provided the time for me to explain the difference between the polytheism of Mormonism against the Bible's monotheism. I also touched on the Trinity.

We finished, and then was kicked out of Starbucks (isn't that how it always happens?).

Pray for Dawn - that she would find a good church and get grounded in her faith.

Pray for Jenn - that God might be pleased to grant repentance unto life to her.

Opportunities like these are what I live for. Praise God for the opportunity.

Oh, I just HAVE to make one quick comment =). How do you suppose the Emerging Church would have had me interact with these girls tonight? They probably wanted me to share my "story" with the girls, being careful to remain Politically Correct (apologizing for the Crusades, poking fun at the Republican party, etc) and as non-offensive (avoiding terminology like "Rome's false gospel") as possible. Near the end of the conversation, I might have invited them to my church. At no point in our conversation would I have preached the gospel to them. However, if I felt bold enough I might have said: "God bless you," or better yet: "Jesus loves you," but I would have strayed as far from the gospel of Christ as possible. Six months later, as Dawn and Jenn "dated" my church, and became disciples in the church community, THEN they make a public profession of faith.

Hmmm ... I like my way better =)

Btw, I am not opposed to inviting people to church. What I am opposed to is an unwillingness to preach the gospel to folks, and instead depending on your pastor alone to preach to your friends and family.

LOL. I crack myself up.

Signing Off,
The Rusted One


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